Full of Multimedia Features! Anime Keyframes Collection eBook“Anime:SUMMER WARS E-SAKUGA” is Coming!

Japan’s renowned animated feature film SUMMER WARS directed by Mamoru Hosoda was released on August 1, 2009. For its 10th anniversary year 2019, its very first keyframes collection is being released in Nov 29th!

The next generation animation keyframes collection, Apple Books Anime: SUMMER WARS E-SAKUGA, is scheduled to be released in November 29th, 2019 across 51 countries via Apple Books.

The E-SAKUGA series is the world’s only eBook that allows you to tap your screen to flip through real anime keyframes and provide archives of popular Japanese animation. Our latest addition to the series is Mamoru Hosoda’s critically acclaimed SUMMER WARS full of wonderful Sakuga.

SUMMER WARS, while focusing on the protagonists Kenji and Natsuki, vividly portrays the attractive characters of a big family through lively movements. In addition, the action in the OZ world is gorgeous.
Join us and experience the wonderful Sakuga of SUMMER WARS by seeing the keyframes in action.

What is SUMMER WARS 10th Anniversary Project 《UPDATE》?

Currently Studio Chizu is hosting various projects for the 10th anniversary year under the name SUMMER WARS《UPDATE》. For the latest information, please check the official Studio Chizu website and SNS.
Studio Chizu SNS
Official Website:http://www.studio-chizu.jp
Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/studio_chizu
Official Facebook Account:https://www.facebook.com/studiochizu
Official LINE:https://line.me/ti/p/%40chizu
Official Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/studiochizu


Product Name: Anime: SUMMER WARS E-SAKUGA
Price: USD 29.99 (with tax)
Release: November 29th, 2019
Store: Apple Books (“Books” app)
Seller: Onebilling Inc.
E-SAKUGA © onebilling Inc.

E-SAKUGA is an Anime Keyframes Collection Full of Multimedia Features

Anime keyframes collection eBook E-SAKUGA can be bought in Apple Books (app name: “Books”). It is a completely new type of eBook with tons of multimedia features. We provide a new way to enjoy eBooks with iPad + E-SAKUGA*. With this ultimate anime keyframes collection, you can enjoy: the keyframes drawn by animators in a flipbook format; completed version of the cuts; timing sheets (X-sheet); and layouts.
*E-SAKUGA can also be used in iPhone, mac, and other hardware that can open “Apple Books.” However, the product will operate differently on these devices.
Numerous SAKUGA Packed with All the Skills. Treat Yourself with an Anime Archive Only Possible with E-SAKUGA.
This is an eBook for professionals, aspiring animators, manga artists, illustrators, anime researchers looking for archive materials, and general fans. The amount of content is several hundred times more than paper books and yet cheaper.

What is Apple Books?

It is the name of an application for reading eBooks provided by Apple.
By using Apple’s original “multi-touch book” eBook format, various multimedia features can be used.

What is E-SAKUGA?

E-SAKUGA is a keyframes collection e-book provided by Onebilling Inc. using the Apple Books format. Using our original “Tapmation” feature, viewers can seamlessly view continuous images of anime keyframes like in a flipbook.
Books available in E-SAKUGA format include: Giovanni’s Island, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo., DEN-NOH COIL, FLCL, JIN-ROH, and Lupin the 3rd PART4. In addition, Isao Takahata’s Gauche the Cellist Archive and Takashi Nakamura’s The Portrait Studio Archive full of precious materials are available. We will continue to archive animations throughout the world.