“Anime: The Orbital Children E-SAKUGA” is MAY 20th on Sale


Full of Multimedia Features! Anime Keyframes Collection eBook “Anime: The Orbital Children E-SAKUGA” is MAY 20th on Sale “The Orbital Children” Original story/screenplay/directed by Mitsuo Iso (“DEN-NO COIL”) was released worldwide by Netflix in January [...]



"Wolf Children" Directed by Mamoru Hosoda,the first keyframes collection will be released by E-SAKUGA."Anime: WOLF CHILDREN E-SAKUGA" is available in 51 countries around the world.

Move Key Frames in E-SAKUGA: An All New Digital Key Frames Collection

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Included Cuts are Several Hundred Times More!

The purpose of E-SAKUGA is to display all successive keyframes that are the essence of animation. Keyframes are more than 1000 times the number of books that can only contain excerpts due to page limitations.

Number of Key Frames in Books
Number of Key Frames in E-SAKUGA

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E-SAKUGA has great volume but achieved a significantly low price! We also have sales sometimes. We never increase the price for a premium.

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