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“Anime: The Orbital Children E-SAKUGA” is MAY 20th on Sale

“The Orbital Children” Original story/screenplay/directed by Mitsuo Iso (“DEN-NO COIL”) was released worldwide by Netflix in January 2022.Character design by Kenichi Yoshida (Overman King Gainer, Eureka Seven, Gundam Reconguista in G) and with main animator Toshiyuki Inoue (Ghost in the Shell, AKIRA, Kiki’s Delivery Service…more) together created a six episode miniseries.
It is set in “space, year 2045” where the internet and convenience stores exist like today. At the Japanese commercial station “ANSHIN”, a group of boys and girls are faced with a big disaster. Separated from adults, and cut off from the internet and oxygen supplies at “ANSHIN”, the children aim to escape on their own. At times with the help from their friends, and at times with help from AI, the group take actions to survive and reach the “truth” of the terrifying prophecy spoken by the most intelligent AI in history.
In a desperate situation with no escape, what will the children interact with? What problems will they face? And what choices will they make…?

The Keyframes Collection “E-SAKUGA”, the only series of e-book animation in the world of that has the “Tapmation” function where viewers can move the picture like a flipbook by tapping the screen.
E-SAKUGA continue archives continue to archive and provide valuable key frames for “The Orbital Children” following Iso’s previous work “DEN-NO COIL”.


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