Recommended Specifications2018-07-24T09:15:16+09:00

Recommended specifications for E-SAKUGA is a device that supports the latest iOS. 
Please check the iOS official website for the devices.
(As of July 2018)

About devices that are not recommended2018-07-22T23:39:42+09:00

We do not provide any support for devices that are not recommended. Thank you for you understanding. Please contact Apple Inc. for any issues.

About mac OS2018-07-22T23:38:22+09:00

As for supporting mac OS, the situation varies among users, so we would not be able to provide support. Please contact Apple Inc. for any issues.

E-SAKUGA recommends using iOS devices only.

The download does not start even after I purchased E-SAKUGA2018-07-22T23:36:27+09:00

Various causes can be thought of including: iOS or iBooks version, device issue, network conditions, etc. Please contact Apple Inc. regarding this issue.

The key frames don’t move even if I tap them2018-07-24T09:17:56+09:00

Please check if the iOS in your device is supported. E-SAKUGA is not an app and is an e-book that relies on the e-reader application iBooks. There are cases in which iBooks do not work properly in old devices and old iOS versions.
Please contact Apple Inc. regarding this issue.

The background is displayed awkwardly during Tapmation2018-07-24T09:19:21+09:00

Sometimes whey you view Tapmation in iPhone, the background of the Tapmation may appear broken. This is due to the specifications of iBooks for iPhone. It would not cause any issues for using the book.

iBooks closes while I try tapping2018-07-22T23:29:52+09:00

Various causes including the iOS or iBooks version, device memory, etc. can be thought of. Please contact Apple if the issues persists.

I cannot see the reference video2018-07-22T23:23:28+09:00

Sometimes when you slide up to show the menu area, the reference video may appear blank. Please tap the area where the video should be, and the video should play. The video will display normally from the second time onward.

No tapping mark does not disappear2018-07-24T09:21:10+09:00

If the no tapping mark does not disappear, and the feature does not become active, then slide one page back or forward, and then move back to the current page to refresh.

No Tapping Mark

When I load Tapmation, the screen shrinks for a moment2018-07-22T23:30:57+09:00

When you load Tapmation on iPhone, sometimes the screen will shrink momentarily. This is due to the feature of iBooks, and this should not cause any issues for viewing the book.