Limit of Key Frames Collections on Paper

Key frames collections on paper allowed users to see the serial images placed next to each other. Sometimes a portion of the exposure sheet/ time-sheet is added to the collection, but usually it is difficult for the readers to reference the time-sheet while viewing the key frames to imagine how the completed screen would look like. In addition, the number of pages is limited, so not all key frames of each cut are shown, and effect scenes that are usually thought to have less value tend to be left out.

Multimedia E-book Format Apple Books Author

The e-book E-SAKUGA not only supplements such weaknesses of printed books, but also provides a completely new experience. This was made possible by the e-book format provided by Apple, Apple Books Author (also known as multi-touch book). The Apple Books Author format is the only e-book format that allows the use of multimedia features through the use of Apple devices.

Original Feature Tapmation™ Provides a Key Frames Experience of a New Era

We have developed our own technology Tapmation™ for Apple Books Author. This allows us to flip through key frames on the same screen. In addition, we can also post reference videos and thumbnail displays. Futhermore, the UI is designed to allow us to post the time-sheet, layout, etc. on the same screen. You can also expand the images, so all the information in each cut can be viewed in detail. The layout is also different from that of paper books, so we can include much more content. E-SAKUGA is a key frames collection of a new era, and is the future.

World’s First to Receive 3 Awards in iBA Award

E-SAKUGA is the first commercial product created with Apple Books Author to be awarded in three categories in the 1st Apple Books Author Conference 2015 held in Tennessee, US: Apple Books Author Executive of the Year、Best Fiction (Overall)、Best iBook Cover of the Year. As of 2018, there are no other works that are awarded in three categories.

E-SAKUGA is an anime key frames collection that is internationally recognized.