Due to Apple’s specifications, when using the multitasking feature in iPad Air2 and 9.7 inch iPad Pro, some aspects of E-SAKUGA may not work as intended (the same as when using iPhone).  There are several patterns for the split screens in multitask mode. Depending on the display size, the specifications shift from iPad mode to iPhone mode. When using the split view feature on iPad Air2, the iPad mode is applicable only if it is in 75-25 mode which works exactly as E-SAKUGA is intended. Otherwise, both screens will be in iPhone mode, so it won’t work as intended (all elements won’t show on the same screen). (iPad Pro works in iPad mode for both screens even if it is split 50-50, so E-SAKUGA will work as intended)

Combinations of iPad Air2 Screen Display

Multitasking Screen Sample for E-SAKUGA (iPhone Mode)

The key frames will start moving by tapping the screen on iPad, but in iPhone mode each element opens a separate window. Thus, we cannot see the time sheet and reference video together.